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CCS presents Freiburg Baroque Orchestra w/ Christian Gerhaher

CCS presents Freiburg Baroque Orchestra w/... 2/26/2016 8:00pm

Music / CALS Communications, Music

Cornell Concert Series presents the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Founded in 1987 by a group of musicians interested in historical performance, the Freiburger...

CCS presents Spanish Harlem Orchestra

CCS presents Spanish Harlem Orchestra 3/11/2016 8:00pm

Music / CALS Communications, Music

Cornell Concert Series presents the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.There is no easing you in, they come at you full force from start to finish with their energy,...

CCS presents Wu Man & The Shanghai Quartet

CCS presents Wu Man & The Shanghai Quartet 4/10/2016 8:00pm

Music / CALS Communications, Music

Cornell Concert Series presents Wu Man & The Shanghai Quartet. Explore music of China with a new multimedia work by the eminent Chinese composer Zhao Jiping,...

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Sherron Brown

Sherron Brown left a positive review 10/16/2015

Cannot find any thing negative to say about this event! Frank was warm, engaging, informative, and I totally feel like I can trust him! Thanks Cornell for getting this excellent speaker to visit and share his strong and positive message of support for those suffering with mental health issues.

Daneen Phillips

Daneen Phillips left a positive review 9/5/2015

Thank you Cornell University EHS and Fire Marshal, Ron Flynn, for bringing Shawn and Alvaro to our campus. The documentary of these two survivors brought valuable insight to the need for sprinklers and fire alarm systems with all sleeping areas. The presentation by Shawn and Alvaro after viewing the documentary was priceless! To hear them discuss the night of January 19, 2000 and what they thought was "just another prank fire alarm" and their decision to evacuate and why and subsequently what happened after that forever changed their lives was a story I will never forget.
My only disappointment was that the attendance was low…very low for such a wonderful opportunity to learn about the adversities that they have had to overcome and their decision to share their inspiring story to bring awareness to the importance of fire safety not only in dormitories, but also within fraternities, sororities, off-campus housing and your own personal dwellings.
I would recommend this book and DVD to anyone. I have now viewed the documentary 4 times and each time gain more inspiration from their story.
If you were unable to attend one of the three viewings and presentations held September 5th and have interest in the book or movie. Please contact the EHS Department of Cornell University.
Daneen Phillips

Randall Nixon

Randall Nixon left a positive review 5/23/2015

Always one of my favorite events at reunion.

David Cheng

David Cheng left a positive review 5/1/2015

It was amazing!!!!! Best show on campus.

Ihsan Amin

Ihsan Amin left a positive review 2/28/2015

It was great performance from CU Symphony Orchestra. It was mesmerizing to see how Ms Ko conducting the orchestra playing a difficult piece from Wagner. She did a great job. It was my first time to see a woman conducted an orchestra. And it was great. So, YES, woman can conduct an orchestra. Also a nice performance from Mr. Huang, the violist. And I was amazed to see how dynamic Mr. Kim conducted the symphonic dances from west side story. Iam really happy to have attended the concert. I hope to see more in the future.

Omar Ali

Omar Ali left a positive review 10/18/2014

It was magical. I realized that being at Cornell is way more than being in school. It's being part of a wonderful history of 150 years. It's belonging to a rich past, and working towards a promising future.. a future of Culture, intellectual riches and hope. May long live our alma mater, our own, our fair Cornell. God bless Cornell.

Omer Syed

Omer Syed left a review 10/1/2014

It was meh

Gladys Brangman

Gladys Brangman left a positive review 7/9/2014

The content of this lecture was educational, enlightening, and eye opening. Samuel Kelley could not have done a better job.

Sherron Brown

Sherron Brown left a positive review 4/19/2014

As wonderful as to be expected! The never disappoint!!! LOVE, love, love Yamatai!

Emily Mayo

Emily Mayo left a positive review 4/18/2014

Such a diverse show with great energy! Great job!

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