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Slava Krylov

Slava Krylov left a review 3/3/2015

This is the first time that I attend it. Was a bit disappointed. It was very formal, too general, without any dynamics. The audience was barely involved. I don't think it was debate at all. The invented panelists just delivered their speeches more or less and that's it.
I attended it and hoped to hear from ambassador Ross about his rich inside experience mainly in the Israel-Palestinian negotiations, to hear where the difficulties are.

I think it could be better to limit time reserved for speeches and give more time for questions and answers, to encourage real debate.

Alice Statler Auditorium

Alice Statler Auditorium posted a photo 12/22/2014

Anant Kharode

Anant Kharode left a positive review 12/8/2014

Great event for a tremendous cause.

Madhur Srivastava

Madhur Srivastava left a positive review 12/6/2014


Siddarth Chandrasekaran

Siddarth Chandrasekaran left a positive review 3/23/2014

A string of good student performances, look forward to it the next year.

Susan Schattschneider

Susan Schattschneider left a positive review 11/14/2013

Great presentation on leadership. Too bad more people didn't attend.

Patricio Rojo Rubke

Patricio Rojo Rubke left a positive review 7/31/2013

Fresh perspective. Inspiring.

Grace Schiodtz

Grace Schiodtz left a positive review 7/17/2013

It was very interesting to see that the same reasons that motivate me to engage in social media, keeping in touch and remembering/sharing events, have driven society for centuries. I was worried about the negative questions regarding social media from the audience about addiction and losing touch with "real" people. This should be seen as a tool to do exactly the opposite, connect with others.

Rehana Huq

Rehana Huq left a positive review 4/11/2013

A great exposition of what he has written about .. good responses to audience questions .. he made it relevant.

Susan Kendrick

Susan Kendrick left a positive review 3/2/2012

Senator Gillibrand gave a thoughtful, engaging, and powerful speech.

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