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Cornell Plantations Fall Lecture Series: The Audrey O'Connor Lecture featuring author Simran Sethi

Cornell Plantations Fall Lecture Series: The... 10/26/2016 7:30pm

Lecture / Cornell Plantations, Sustainability

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: Saving and Savoring Our Favorite Endangered Foods Embedded in every conversation about feeding people, conserving natural...

Frank H. T. Rhodes Symposium

Frank H. T. Rhodes Symposium 10/29/2016 9am

Conference/Workshop / Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering

On the occasion of President Emeritus Frank H. T. Rhodes's 90th birthday, please help us celebrate the intellectual cornerstones of his academic career....

Cornell Plantations Fall Lecture Series: The Elizabeth E. Rowley Lecture featuring Doug Tallamy, Ph.D.

Cornell Plantations Fall Lecture Series: The... 11/2/2016 7:30pm

Lecture / Cornell Plantations

It’s For the Birds Landscaping in our crowded world carries both moral and ecological responsibilities that we can no longer ignore. Many bird populations...

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Beverly West

Beverly West left a review 7/1/2015

The email asking my opinion was most annoying.
I did not go last evening because I got jammed for time. The topic was very enticing, however.
I was also hoping to hear Steve Squyres next week, as advertised on the program for Princess Ida.
However it turned out to be nearly impossible to find details on CU Info, etc., and when I finally did hit upon a schedule, it listed someone else. ???
The emails you have been sending re changes to the schedule are totally frustrating -- the links do NOT list the speakers, and for me that makes them useless. The "change" advertised turned out to be for location, but that was not stated, so I totally missed it because I was still looking for the speaker list.
Unfortunately I have not had time to phone your office to get further information.
You need to make the schedule, with speakers, at the CENTER of your referred links.
I did send a complaint to calendar events, but the response said I had to deal with Summer Sessions, to which I have had so much trouble accessing that I have not had time to try again.
What the heck does MEH mean??? I cannot click red or green because I did not hear last night's lecture and cannot vote.
But it is annoying in the extreme to have no "Submit" button. I'll click blue and hope you get this complaint.

Slava Krylov

Slava Krylov left a review 3/3/2015

This is the first time that I attend it. Was a bit disappointed. It was very formal, too general, without any dynamics. The audience was barely involved. I don't think it was debate at all. The invented panelists just delivered their speeches more or less and that's it.
I attended it and hoped to hear from ambassador Ross about his rich inside experience mainly in the Israel-Palestinian negotiations, to hear where the difficulties are.

I think it could be better to limit time reserved for speeches and give more time for questions and answers, to encourage real debate.

Alice Statler Auditorium

Alice Statler Auditorium posted a photo 12/22/2014

Anant Kharode

Anant Kharode left a positive review 12/8/2014

Great event for a tremendous cause.

Madhur Srivastava

Madhur Srivastava left a positive review 12/6/2014


Siddarth Chandrasekaran

Siddarth Chandrasekaran left a positive review 3/23/2014

A string of good student performances, look forward to it the next year.

Susan Schattschneider

Susan Schattschneider left a positive review 11/14/2013

Great presentation on leadership. Too bad more people didn't attend.

Patricio Rojo Rubke

Patricio Rojo Rubke left a positive review 7/31/2013

Fresh perspective. Inspiring.

Grace Schiodtz

Grace Schiodtz left a positive review 7/17/2013

It was very interesting to see that the same reasons that motivate me to engage in social media, keeping in touch and remembering/sharing events, have driven society for centuries. I was worried about the negative questions regarding social media from the audience about addiction and losing touch with "real" people. This should be seen as a tool to do exactly the opposite, connect with others.

Rehana Huq

Rehana Huq left a positive review 4/11/2013

A great exposition of what he has written about .. good responses to audience questions .. he made it relevant.

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