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Cornell Wind Symphony and Chamber Orchestra: CU Music

Cornell Wind Symphony; Joseph Hermann, conductor. Vittorio Giannini’s magnum opus and masterwork for symphonic winds, Symphony No. 3, Donald Grantham’s...

Cornell Games Club Weekly Meeting

We play board games, card games, miniatures games, and role-playing games (RPGs). Attendance is free and open to anyone. Rules are taught for most games. ...

Migrating Shadows: CU Music

Migrating Shadows is a multimedia production combining elements from Indonesian traditions of gamelan music, dance, and wayang (shadow puppetry) with...

Jazz Combo Showcase: CU Music

Jazz Combo Showcase. Paul Merrill, director. Moakley House is an easy walk from North Campus, and has plenty of free parking! BRBs are accepted.

Development Economics Workshop:  Karla Hoff

Karla Hoff - World Bank, Columbia University Theater of the Oppressed Empowers Women: Evidence from India Abstract: Intimate partner violence against...

BEDR Workshop: Emma Levine

Emma Levine - University of Chicago Booth

Social Sciences Review Open Listening Session

The Social Sciences Implementation Committee is working to identify options for a framework for building a world-class public policy entity at Cornell over...

"A Schmorgas Board of Exodelights"

Exoplanets are a wonderful playground for the intellectually curious, with surprises lurking in every new data set. The Cool Worlds Lab at Columbia embraces...

Midday Music for Organ 12/4: CU Music

Midday Music for Organ: Annette Richards, Music for Advent and Christmas